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    Victon is a seven-member 🇰🇷 Korean boy band formed in 2016 under the label Plan M Entertainment - formerly Plan A Entertainment.

    The debut mini-album Voice to New World peaked at number 11 on the South Korean Albums Weekly chart. With more than six released mini-albums and three single albums, the band has become an integral part of the K-Music universe.

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    The band members and their history

    As usual for Korean boy bands, the band consists of a relatively large number of members: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan and Subin. Seungwoo was the band leader right after formation.

    In 2019, Seungwoo and Byungchan took part in the South Korean reality format Produce X 101 . While Byungchan had to leave the show early due to chronic Achilles tendonitis, Seungwoo took third place and became part of the new boy band X1.

    But that didn't mean the end of the band - Victon celebrated their comeback as a six-piece boy band in November of the same year with the mini-album Nostalgia .

    With the comeback, Seungsik became the new leader of the group. As early as March 2020, just a year after the reality TV shop, Seungwoo decided to return to Victon , so the band quickly found its way back to its origins.

    ALICE - Always We Love the Voice

    The official Victon fandom name is Alice and was announced 100 days after the debut. Alice is an abbreviation of the sentence " Always we love the vo ice" - if you put the first two and the last three letters together, you get the name.

    The official fan colors are blue atoll and blazing yellow .

    Become part of the Alice community and fall in love with the band's pop-funk sound. Here you can find the official Victon Instagram and Tiktok channel .

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